Zoti Lab

Zoti Lab is new data technology empowering creators to launch spectrum rich, astrologically aligned cannabis collections and cannabis experiences virtually anywhere.

Creators of modern alchemy can now develop cultivar, methodology, dose and energy graphs to securely build with peer creators anywhere.

The Zoti Data Graph

We cryptographically stitch the digital journey of cultivars, methodologies, dosing and energy together in an alignment graph enriched with plant & human intelligence.

Creators on the network are empowered by the ownership of their zoti data models and have the opportunity to build and monetize with peers to launch collections on the zoti marketplace.

Zoti Modeling

Zoti Modeling Network

Zoti Creator Marketplace

Creators build on the inventory of zoti models. Each new build creates a peer monetization stream for every creator in every new build and so on...

Cultivar Lab

Cultivar Graph Data Models

Methodology Lab

Methodology Graph Data Models

Dosing Lab

Dosing Graph Data Models

Energy Lab

Energy Graph Data Models