Building For A Better Tomorrow

Enriching Data

Zoti is built on the philosophy that data will enrich our lives in ways we can only dream of today. We're playing a role in the development of new data through labeling, verifying and securing data sources to optimize the experience for the users and creators who build with us on the zoti network.

Empowering People

Zoti is committed to empowering people navigating their path in the new digital world. We build tools on technology of tomorrow so the zoti community can learn and experience their connection to our digital future.

Connecting Things

We now live in a machine economy. We're working with partners to help build tomorrow's locally resourced communities through the potential of machine layer data and value exchange by connecting zoti to the internet of things.

Aligning Life

Wellbeing is experienced through our connection and energy with everything in existence. Rhythms, patterns and choices harmonize to manifest our reality through forms of synchronicity and contrast. Zoti ai is being developed to help us align with rhythms, patterns and choices for the betterment of our lives and the world we live in.

Zoti Founders


An embodiment of the goddess in her corporeal form, the feminine Taurus is the zodiac’s ultimate Earth Mama. Ruled by Venus, the Empress of Love (whose motto is “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals”), the Taurus woman lives completely by that truth. 

- Lisa Ancheta Founder


Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Virgo man is incredibly intelligent and is always busy parsing information and finding ways to organize the contents of his own crowded brainpan. He delights in making the world fit his specifications and creating a space around himself that is peaceful, orderly, and utterly tidy – to help quell the over-thinking that is constantly taking place within his mind.

- Michael Bullen CEO