From Astrology To Entourage

The zoti network models the entourage theory to develop deeper whole plant, whole human connections through a journey that begins with our astrological profile.

Zoti is a shared economy for chefs, mixologists, brewers, roasters, steepers, distillers, cultivators, extractors and formulators to join forces launching astrologically innovated cannabis brands on the zoti marketplace.

“Hi Zoti,” will unlock holistic astrological entourage throughout the entire zoti marketplace. Zoti is a new way for innovators and consumers to experience cannabis as a journey.

The Zoti Marketplace

Zoti Lab
Zoti Lab is new technology empowering the development of astrologically innovated, craft cannabis brands & brand experiences.
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Zoti Pay
Zoti pay is the currency platform for the marketplace connecting everything and everyone.
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Zoti TV
Innovators of modern alchemy join forces to launch cannabis brands on astrological energy cycles.
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Zoti XR
Zoti XR is developing immersive experiences on astrological & entourage data models.
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Zoti GO
Zoti GO is planet incentivized spending through forward thinking brands, destinations & experiences.
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